Nevada Stove


Our Nevada stove is a dedicated boiler stove delivering 21kW of heat with 15kW to water and 6kW to the room. This thermostatically controlled stove will keep your home cosy and provide hot water all year round.

It can be easily connected to heating systems or used along with a heat-store device. It is available in matt black, black enamel and sepia enamel and comes with both top and rear flue options.



  • Width (W)610 mm
  • Height (H)780 mm
  • Depth (D)600 mm
  • Flue diameter150 mm
  • Centre of top flue to rear of stove115 mm
  • Centre of rear flue from floor450 mm

Unique Points

  • Output21 KW
  • Air Wash
  • Clean Burn
  • Colour Matt Black
  • Colour Enamel Black
  • Colour Enamel Sepia
  • Flue Top Outlet
  • Flue Rear Outlet
  • Max Log Width 380 mm
  • Riddle Grate
  • Ash Pan
  • Operating Tool
  • Boiler Stove
  • Thermostat
  • Output to Water15 kW
  • Output to Room6 kW
Nevada Stove