Montana Stove


The Montana stove is available as both boiler and non boiler stove. The boiler model delivers 7.5kW to water and 3kW to the room. The non boiler stove delivers 9kW of heat. It is fully adjustable with primary air control and secondary airwash control which will ensure that the glass stays clean.

It is fitted with a riddling system to help with ash removal and comes complete with operating tool and ash pan. It is available in matt black, black enamel and sepia enamel and comes with both top and rear flue options.



  • Width (W)535 mm
  • Height (H)670 mm
  • Depth (D)475 mm
  • Flue diameter150 mm
  • Centre of top flue to rear of stove170 mm
  • Centre of rear flue from floor485 mm

Unique Points

  • Output9 KW
  • Air Wash
  • Clean Burn
  • Tertiary Air
  • Colour Matt Black
  • Colour Enamel Black
  • Colour Enamel Sepia
  • Flue Top Outlet
  • Flue Rear Outlet
  • Max Log Width 250 mm
  • Riddle Grate
  • Ash Pan
  • Operating Tool

Unique Points – Boiler Version

  • Output Room3 KW
  • Output Boiler7.5 KW
  • Boiler Option
  • CE Approved
Montana Stove